Thank you for your interest in the Gallatin Rotary Club. Membership in a Rotary club is by invitation from an active Rotarian. Members are leaders in the community with the following qualifications.

Holds or has held an executive position with authority in a recognized business or profession.
Serves or has served as a community leader.
Members are required to attend 50% of the weekly meetings. Participation in a committee, attending another club’s meeting and online makeups all count toward the attendance requirement.

Dues and Other Financial Commitments

One-Time Initiation Fee: $100

Member Dues: $165 per quarter

Weekly Lunch: Included in Dues

Suggested contribution to The Rotary Foundation : $100 (can be billed $25 per quarter)

Members are required to sell 3 tickets ($75 each; admitting two people per ticket) to our annual Gallatin Rotary Christmas for Kids Auction and Dinner

If you are a member of our club and would like to propose a member with these qualifications, submit the online application to our Club Secretary.