Richie Harville normally inducts new members and cuts up at our regular meetings with his great sense of humor. Here’s a pic of him cutting wrapping paper at our 15th annual Christmas for Kids event in 2018, and it looks like he wrapped his left leg. Photo from Jim Hawkins.

The Gallatin Rotary Club was organized December 6, 1923 and admitted to Rotary International on December 21, 1923 with club number 1583. Will R. Manier of the Nashville Club presented our charter to the club. He was at that time a member of Rotary International’s Board of Directors and was later president of R I in 1936-37. The following year the Gallatin Club won a prize gavel at the Inter-City meeting in Nashville. 100% of the Rotarians and their wives attended the presentation. The club chartered a private car on the Nashville-Gallatin Interurban line, and carried along their own band.

Today, we are best known for our Christmas for Kids event, in which we take around 130 less fortunate school-aged children shopping and send them home with not only gifts for them and their families, but a grocery cart overflowing with food and paper products so their families can have the Christmas every child deserves. The event has been going for 35+ years.

Among our other annual events are donating to the Gallatin Miracle Park, a CTE banquet in which we honor the students and give out scholarships, and a banquet to honor the top academic students at Gallatin High School. Also, monthly during the school year, we give away a bicycle to a child at every Gallatin elementary school to a student who exhibits good citizenship.

At various times in the past, we have supported the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Salvation Army, Peewee Football Team, Boys Softball league, pigs for 4-H clubs, chickens for 4-H clubs, prizes for livestock shows, 4-H speaking contests, delegates to Boy’s State, iron lung for Fountain Head Hospital, support of Youth Town in Jackson, the Hospital for crippled adults in Memphis, Gallatin swimming pool, High School band, Big Brothers Christmas fund, the High School stadium bleachers, City Park playground equipment, books for the Sumner County Library, provided smoke detectors for underprivileged, support for Good Neighbor Mission, TRAC house, Red Cross, Heart Fund, Cancer Society and the list goes on.

We care. We serve. We are committed. We are here.

We are the Gallatin Rotary Club. We are people of action.

Current Officers:

President: Brandon Hesson

President Elect: Phillip Bennett

Secretary: Minerva Muñoz Cabrera

Treasurer: David Mueller

Past Presidents of the Gallatin Rotary Club

2022 Janet Rambo
2021 James Fenton
2020 JoAnn Graves
2019 Mark Kimbell
2018 Bill Sorrells
2017 Bruce Quinn
2016 David Mueller
2015 Steve Sudbury
2014 Susan Phillips
2013 Scott Vineyard
2012 Kathryn Strong
2011 William Lamberth
2010 Andrew Finney
2009 Richie Harville
2008 Frank Etlinger
2007 Chuck Barnett
2006 Reggie Mudd
2005 Damon Hobbs
2004 Jim Svoboda
2003 Dale Bennett
2002 Paula DeBerry
2001 Dale Hardiman
2000 Pat Reid
1999 Ferrell Haile
1998 Bryan Bondurant
1997 Helen Noffsinger
1996 Mark Kimbell
1995 Kelly Coley
1994 Zean Hollins
1993 Brad Rahrer
1992 Bill Kemp
1991 Gordon Kenny
1990 David Amonette
1989 Bob Morgan
1988 Mark Smith
1987 Arch Harople
1986 David Amonette
1986 Art Lorenz
1985 Bill Draper
1984 Al Bennett
1983 Ed Mayberry
1982 Bob Hendrickson
1981 Tom Gray
1980 Jack Defiore
1979 Kemp Denning Jr.
1978 Gerald Dunham Jr.
1977 Jack Kittrell
1976 Scott Jenkins
1975 Charles Alexander
1974 Earl Webber,III
1973 Roger Vantrease
1972 Harry Smith
1971 David Carter
1970 Earl Sadler Jr.
1969 George E. Womack
1968 Felix Fly
1967 Clarence Sanders
1966 John Garrott
1965 Jack Lacock
1964 Charles Moffatt
1963 James Thomas
1962 John Dean
1961 Lawson Braswell
1960 George Darrow
1959 Vince Flaherty
1958 Jim Crain
1957 Dan Calgy
1956 Leverett O. Banks
1955 Al Hines
1954 Charlie Brewer
1953 Felix Fly
1952 Charles Seay
1951 J. Woodall Murrey Jr.
1950 Dr. W. B. Farris
1949 Everett Dulin
1948 W. P. Puryear Jr.
1947 Barry Cecil
1946 Robert Reed
1945 Norval S. Baker
1944 Robert Adams
1943 Will Henry Baker
1942 Noel Hemmert
1941 Robert Guthrie
1940 Clifton Lee
1939 Will Ford
1938 John Franklin
1937 W. Seay Browm
1936 Norval S. Baker
1935 B. E. Reed
1934 Avery Clark
1933 Harold Olmstead
1932 W. Lee Harris
1931 Leland Sedberry
1930 Leslie M. Ross
1929 Charles S. Ramsey
1928 Walter Schmidt
1927 Ernest House
1926 L. M. Woodson
1925 Ed Albright
1924 J Woodall Murrey
1923 J Woodall Murrey