Odd Gallatin History

Posted By Josh Nelson

It was fantastic to hear about some oddities of Gallatin history from Jerry Lumpkins on April 11. Pictured (L-R): Eugene Branham, Steve Sudbury, Mr. Lumpkins, Pat Reid, Club President Bill Sorrells, and Louise Gabrielli

Our club welcomed teacher and historian Jerry Lumpkins as our guest speaker on April 11, 2019.

He told us about Bud Rogan, a Gallatin resident who was the 2nd tallest man in recorded history, about the caves used by the confederates during the civil war, about public hangings on The Square, about curfews for “Ladies of the Night,” about how only certain dogs were allowed on The Square, about Gallatin being listed on U.S. currency, and more.

I’m having trouble with the audio and will update this post if I can figure it out, but it was certainly an interesting presentation.

We thank Mr. Lumpkins for his time and information.

Our club made a donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank’s “Backpack” program in his name to honor him for his time.

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