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We heard about CBD from Stacy and Mike Waldron – the owners of God’s Green Earth – on April 18. Pictured (L-R): Kenzie Hammock, Pat Reid, Mike Waldron, Stacy Waldron, Al Bennett, and Janice Gray. Photo courtesy of Jim Hawkins.

On April 18, our club heard from Stacy and Mike Waldron, the owners of Gods’ Green Earth, about CBD, which comes from the cannibas plant but does not have the psychoactive effects of what we consider “normal” marijuana.

It is often used to treat anxiety, pain, movement disorders, and more.

Stacy actually began her presentation by teaching us about plantains, which she said can be found in almost every yard. The Waldon’s used it to treat mosquito bites and stings. She later made the leaves into an ointment.

“Through research,” she said, “I learned that these leaves have been used since 327 B.C.; that they’re listed as one of the nine sacred herbs in Anglo-Saxon texts — it was mentioned in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet…it is one of the most medicinal plants on the face of the earth.”

Her experience with plaintains grew into an interest in other herbal healing and it, in turn, became her business, which includes CBD, which she uses to treat her multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there,” Stacy said, “and a lot of misunderstanding because it’s cannabis. ‘Cannabis’ is an umbrella term. They’re (marijuana and hemp) are very different and very much the same.”

Waldron said our bodies have special receptors for CBD.

“It wasn’t even discovered until the 1990’s,” she said before adding they are not only located in the brain, but the spine and the bones.

It was an absolutely fascinating presentation. To hear her full remarks, the audio is included below.

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