Meet McKenzie, Our Newest Member

Posted By Josh Nelson

Pictured (L-R): Pat Reid, new member McKenzie Hammock, Harold Sides, Elizabeth Hobdy Jones, and Charles Moffett. Photo by Jim Hawkins.

The Gallatin Rotary Club was happy to induct Mckenzie Hammock into the Gallatin Noon Rotary Club on March 21.

“I’m so excited,” she said. “There’s so many awesome people…just a bunch of angels.

“I’ve not been a part of any club since I started business (she is a top-rated wedding photographer as owner of Honey+Bee photography when not working with fellow Rotarian Elizabeth Hobdy Jones), so it really interested me to meet a lot of people, and you get out of this as much as you put in; and that’s my goal – I want to get a lot out of it; I do want to put in a lot.

“Even in high school, I served a lot; I served in Contillian, I served on a lot of things. Even with church – you get what you put in, and I’m excited to see what comes out of (being a Rotarian).”

Hammock said while her family is not native to Sumner County, she is.

“I was born and raised here (in Sumner County), she said. “But my parents were not. My Dad was from Buffalo, New York, and my Mom was from Youngstown, Ohio. But they moved here because my Dad was in the country music business.

“I was born here – well, Hendersonville – and I’ve lived here in the same house my entire my life,” said the 2013 graduate of Beech High School.

She ended up marrying her high school sweetheart, Kaleb Hammock, who has been a police officer for Gallatin for about six years.

The couple has a son, Cooper, who is three, and a puppy – Effie May.

She asks that you call her, “Kenzie.”

“The only person that calls me Mckenzie is my mother when I’m in trouble,” she said.

If you have not already met her, please give her a warm welcome; she is funny and energetic and accommodating and an excellent addition to our club.

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