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Stacy Hendricks. Photo from the Gallatin High School website.

Stacy Hendricks, a teacher at Gallatin High School who serves as the adviser for the Rotary Interact Club, was the speaker at our weekly meeting on Feb. 14, 2019.

She was there to speak about the inaugural “Green and Gold Gala,” which will be a dinner to raise funds to make physical improvements at the school.

During her presentation, Hendricks began with a little background about herself and then turned to the reputation of Gallatin High School and the excellence which exists at GHS.

Gallatin High School is not just athletics,” Hendricks said. “At the foundation of GHS is the value of education and opportunities that students receive.”

Hendricks then listed several academic achievements students have recently accomplished which are not widely known and then transitioned to the inaugural “Green and Gold Gala.”

GHS is the Gallatin community, and the Gallatin community is GHS,” Hendricks said. “This event is an opportunity to share with Gallatin High School. It will be a wonderful night of food and entertainment. You could say, in some ways, it is an alumni reunion and a way to bring our community together.”

Hendricks noted the building, which some still call the “new school,” turns 45-years-old this year.

There are some improvements that need to be made for the new wave of the ‘Green and Gold,’” she said. “Our hopes and aspirations of the Green and Gold Gala is to enhance the physical components of the facility. The school is currently in need of paint, new auditorium seating, and carpet.

These are items that might not be seen as critical to the (Sumner County) Board of Education since they are unlike safety and security issues. However, we believe it is imperative to maintain and make improvements throughout the building because our students certainly deserve it.”

Following Hendricks’ presentation, a Q&A session took place which covered everything from details about the event to school funding to school safety and more. GHS Principal Dr. Ron Becker was in attendance to answer some of the questions.

It seemed like a majority of our members graduated from GHS, and former president Kathryn Strong had really strong words about how proud she is to send her kids to GHS, so let’s support them.

The “Green and Gold Gala” will take place on Sat., March 9, 2019 from 6:00-10:30 pm at Depot Square, which is located at 254 W. Eastland.

This includes an evening of food catered by Bit-O-Heaven (who now does our lunch; how delicious has that been? Oh, gosh!), music from a jazz band, and a music ensemble directed by James Story which will feature Motown and Top 40 hits. Also, a cash bar will be available and it will include a silent auction chocked full of worthy items on which to bid.

Tickets are $75 per person, and they ask for an RSVP by March 1. Tickets are available through eventbrite using the following link:


Club Treasurer Michael Wertenberger announced the club’s board voted to our club give $500 to sponsor the event.

To hear Mrs. Hendricks’ full presentation and the Q&A session afterwards, click on the the file below.

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