About Rotary

The Gallatin Rotary Club was organized December 6, 1923 and admitted to Rotary International on December 21, 1923 with club number 1583. Will R. Manier of the Nashville Club presented our charter to the club. He was at that time a member of Rotary International’s Board of Directors and was later president of R I in 1936-37. The following year the Gallatin Club won a prize gavel at the Inter-City meeting in Nashville. 100% of the Rotarians and their wives attended the presentation. The club chartered a private car on the Nashville-Gallatin Interurban line, and carried along their own band.

Through the many years since the Gallatin Club was started, Rotary has been promoting, assisting and financing many activities that few people know about. These have included the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Salvation Army, Peewee Football Team, Boys Softball league, pigs for 4-H clubs, chickens for 4-H clubs, prizes for livestock shows, 4-H speaking contests, delegates to Boy’s State, iron lung for Fountain Head Hospital, support of Youth Town in Jackson, the Hospital for crippled adults in Memphis, Gallatin swimming pool, High School band, Big Brothers Christmas fund, the High School stadium bleachers, City Park playground equipment, books for the Sumner County Library, provided smoke detectors for underprivileged, support for Good Neighbor Mission, TRAC house, Red Cross, Heart Fund, Cancer Society and the list goes on.

We care.  We serve.  We are committed.  We are here.

We are the Gallatin Rotary Club.  We are people of action.